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About the Course

There are 4 Modules which take about 2 hours in total to watch and then do the worksheets.

Module 1- My Fabulous Child

We look at your child’s strengths, superpowers and the tricky stuff in a new way, to understand how VSM can help your child.

Module 2- What’s the Deal?

We begin working out why you child does their tricky stuff and how to understand them better.

Module 3- Magic Tricks

We learn how to do the magic of editing so it looks like your child already does the new skill- this is the fun part.

Module 4- Movie Action

We learn how to plan, film, and edit your VSM.

The course also includes 2 live group Zoom coaching calls (Dates TBA) and access to the VSM@Home Facebook group.


Who’s this course for?

Any parent /carer of a child aged between 4- adult who has tricky behaviours.

Who’s a Tricky Child?

Does your child either go to a Special School, need significant support at their school to learn, have an NDIS plan or requires supported care ?

Perhaps they have Autism, an ID, significant communication, behavioural or sensory needs that really make life hard sometimes.

What can I use VSM to teach?

I have seen VSM teach skills from sleeping, toileting, self- care, social skills, getting dressed, communicating, use AAC, eating different food, sitting at the table, play skills, sharing, waiting, asking for help, speaking, walking , ride a bike, cook , have a shower, brush teeth, feed themselves.

And this is just the beginning.

Is it safe?

Vsm is an evidence-based practice which means there is loads of research to show that it works and it’s safe. It’s used in many schools and teachers at university now learn how to do it. Many OT’s and Speech therapists use it too. And now it’s your turn to learn it too.


This is a one-off offer of $49.00 to the first 10 people who sign up to this Pilot version of the course.

I ask that you be prepared to do all of the course including watch the videos, the worksheets, plan and actually make a VSM and try it on your child. I will ask you then for some feedback on the course content, structure and usefulness. I will also invite you to give a testimonial.

The ongoing price will be $349. If you have a Self -Managed or Plan NDIS package and require an invoice to request NDIS funds, email me to request this for the $349 offering.

How does it work?

The course begins when you sign up. It is self-paced, so you start as soon as you get the email with the log in link.

I suggest you watch the 5 short intro videos on


Week 1

Work through the video content and worksheets.

Week 2

Make your first VSM, or at least try.

Week 3 and 4.

Each week there will be a live I hour Zoom coaching call to discuss your questions and talk about your child and how your VSM is going. Dates TBA.


Facebook Group.

Your intro email will also give you access to out private VSM@Home Facebook group, where we will stay in touch, answer questions, share challenges and triumphs, laugh and cry about what your tricky kid is up to now.


I am offering a heavily discounted price of $49 to the first 10 who sign up for this Pilot round of the course.

After that it will be $349

To learn more about how Video Self Modelling (VSM) can help you teach your child new skills or change tricky behaviours check out my YouTube channel


When you sign up it is important you watch these videos before you start.

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