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The 1 hour Workshop

Introduction to Video Self Modelling (VSM)

Introduction to VSM, how it works and how it can be used. This session runs for 1 hour and is for entire groups/ staff who want to know more about VSM.

Anthea will come to your venue and train your staff. There is no limit on number of participants.


The 3 hour Practical Workshop

Video Self Modelling


Introduction to VSM. See samples. Learn about the research behind VSM. Learn to make VSM and how to a know what skill to teach by analyzing skills or behaviours and creating replacement behaviours. This workshop is for teachers, therapists and anyone living with or working with people with special needs, such as Autism, Down's Syndrome, intellectual disability or developmental delay; who want to learn to implement a change in behaviour or assist in skill learning.

There is no limit on number of participants. Anthea will come to your venue.


Extra Services

The School of Video Self Modelling - VSM

Free Online

VSM Basics - Tutorials

To understand more about Video Self Modelling view the five free introduction videos by clicking this link.

Private Consultations


1:1 Coaching Call

If you want to discuss your child in more detail and create a VSM plan together.

$193.99 one hour duration.

Home visit by Anthea 

Discuss your child and create a personal behaviour plan together.

We can work privately with you and your child within your home to develop a series of VSMs to assist your child reach milestones and achieve success. Issues such as communication, self regulation, toileting, participation in regular family life and routines, dressing, eating and play skills can be addressed with VSM. You can also learn this way to make VSMs yourself as issues arise.

$193.99 per hour -  duration 3 hours. 

Please note, this option is for Melbourne Metropolitan people only.

Or choose your own adventure Professional Development. Email for a discussion and quote.