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Anthea Naylor


Wisdom Sharer

Hope Facilitator


About Anthea

I am passionate educator.

I am a Special Educator, Yoga Teacher, Education Consultant, Parenting Coach, University Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate.

I deeply believe in the power of education to transform.

I believe that we all can learn, and that change is both exciting and liberating.

I believe it is never too late to learn.

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)- ACU- 1994

  • Master of Special Education- Deakin University- 1998

  • Graduate Certificate in Education Research- University of Melbourne- 2019

  • Current Candidate- Doctor Of Education – University of Melbourne- 2020- current

Yoga Training


  • Byron Yoga Teacher Training- 200 Hours- 2010

  • Kids Yoga Teaching- 2017

  • Menopause Yoga- 40 hours-  2023

Informal Training

  • Life Force Academy- Kundalini Yoga

  • Life Force Academy- The complete course of Ayurveda

  • Sienna Sherman- Rasa Yoga

  • Satyananda Yoga

  • Seane Corn- Align with Source

Training and Studies

  • Vita- Layla Martin - 2020

  • Yoni Club- Bonnie Bliss- 2019

  • Shakti School- Mangala Holland- 2018

  •  Introduction Certificate in Art Therapy for practitioners- Cornelia Elbrecht- 2008

  • Extra Lesson Therapy-1999

  • Steiner Teacher Training- 1998


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