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I am excited to begin sharing with you a new series of VSM Story Time called VSM@School.


In this series of short videos, we will hear from teachers how they have successfully used VSM across the curriculum to support their students.

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Michael's Vaccination

Video Self Modelling Story


Once upon a time a few years ago Michael had a phobia of needles. He once needed a blood test, and he REALLY didn’t want it. But it was important.


Seven people, nurses, doctors, orderlies and his mum all held him still while the blood was taken. Michael hated it. He really hated it.

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Kylie’s Trichotillomania 

Video Self Modelling Story

Once upon a time during a Covid lockdown, Kylie found a way to stop pulling out her own hair.


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VSM Story - Time
Matt - Travelling in the Car


Once upon a time, a few weeks ago, there was a young man called Matt.


Matt was a strapping lad with 24 years of life, and a few challenges along the way. He lives with both autism and cognitive challenges. Matt also has friends, attends an adult support service, and enjoys being with his community.

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