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Beyond Capability But Not Beyond Possibility - Dr. Peter Dowrick

I am excited to be given the opportunity to speak about Video Self Modelling in some interesting and unusual places lately.


After speaking at the AASE conference in Adelaide last week, I will be delivering my VSM Easy Peasy course to a group of Montessori teachers online to China this coming week. How wonderful. We did a similar event 2 years ago and have been invited back to train another group of progressive educators, seeking a new way to work with complex and tricky children.

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Hope and Home

My heart is so happy and grateful today as I sit in the reality that I have a new home.


Life has spun a fast web with my partner and I both selling our homes and then finding our dream home, all within 3 weeks…!

This picture is the spring fed creek that runs through the small acreage we are buying. I can’t stop gazing at this photo as I dream into what it will be like to wake up each morning to the sound of frogs, walk down to this creek, sit in the shade of the trees, dangle my feet in the cool water and take in the reality that this will be my home.....

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Overwhelming or Beautifully Busy..??

I am asking myself this question a lot at the moment, is it too much or is it that I am Beautifully Busy?


When I switch my thinking to “Beautifully Busy” I suddenly remember that all this busyness and flurry of activity is exactly what I want and where I want to be right now, as I put my home on the market and begin the search for my new nesting place. On top of that I have a vulnerable aging mother I am giving much of my time and my love to, as well as my full-time job and my Doctorate… All of it is so rich and meaningful to me … challenging!

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Change is POSSIBLE.
It is never too late

Hello friends,

My life is expanding and changing rapidly with my recent decision to leave my little city apartment and begin a new life in rural Victoria, with my partner, out near Castlemaine.

I am moving gently through the process of change, letting go of the known and leaping into this shared dream.

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Toileting Challenges with older kids..?? Let's talk about poo.


I want to talk about toileting today.

Because if you know someone who is living with toileting challenges in their child, you know, they never stop thinking about it.

This is a biggie… toileting challenges are so complex and frustrating and can really impact the lives of both the child, and their family.

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Self-care For The Carer....

It’s winter.! 

Time to get cosy, rug up and make soup. 

Self-care is one of my highest priorities, and even more so this winter.

This winter has started with my mother having a simple car accident that has totalled her car, had her license taken away and left her hearing damaged from the airbags.

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Will VSM Work For My 34-Year-Old SON?


Hello VSM Friends,

Will VSM work for my 34-year-old son…..???

I have recently been working with a parent and support worker of a 30+ year old man Todd. His fabulous mum reached out to me to find if VSM could help her son, even though he is in his 30’s. Todd is non-verbal, very ritualistic in his habits and socially isolated.

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FREE Offer For OT’s, Speech Or Behaviour Specialists Using VSM 


Dear VSM Friends,

Do you want to work WITH your parents on making VSM’s together? 


If you think that your parents/ clients might benefit from knowing how to do VSM themselves, I would like to offer you the VSM@Home course FREE so you can know the content, what it teaches and be able to recommend it to your families.

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Getting real and HOPEFUL  about Menopause and Mothering


Hello VSM Friends,

A week ago I completed my Yoga for Menopause teacher training. I am blown away at the amount of scientific evidence out there now to support the benefits of ancient yoga practices such as gentle movement, breath work and stress reduction. 

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VSM Story To Fill Your Heart


Dear VSM Friends,

I am a bit excited this afternoon because I am about to go into the city to celebrate my brother, David Naylor’s 10th year of running Guru Dudu Silent Discos.

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Easy Peasy.jpg
Do you believe CHANGE is possible?


Dear VSM Friends,

I have been reading this week about the theories of HOPE and change for my research. It seems that one of the major factors in change is the actual belief that it is POSSIBLE. We need to be able to imagine a better future if we are going to take action towards changing what is currently going on.

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VSM for Professionals and Parent Coaching


Dear VSM Friends,

I hope you are as happy as I am that Autumn is here. I’m a winter lover, and so Autumn signals for me the yummy sliding into cooler weather, warm fires, soup, boots and beanies. All my favourite things.

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VSM_HOME Club Video Image.jpg
Community and Isolation


Hello VSM Friends

I am excited because I have finally acted on a desire to gather friends in my home, share a meal and have wonderful, inspiring conversations about HOPE and our lives. I’m calling it a HOPE Circle.

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B&W glow boy.jpg
Hello VSM Friends


I am excited to actually be writing to you, because it is something I have been avoiding for WAY too long now.

You see I find this scary, to share my work and my passion for VSM. I worry that I will sound fluffy, or silly or boring.. etc etc etc…you know, all the self-doubt wobbles that catch us.

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Video Image.jpg


I am excited to begin sharing with you a new series of VSM Story Time called VSM@School.


In this series of short videos, we will hear from teachers how they have successfully used VSM across the curriculum to support their students.

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Michael's Vaccination

Video Self Modelling Story


Once upon a time a few years ago Michael had a phobia of needles. He once needed a blood test, and he REALLY didn’t want it. But it was important.


Seven people, nurses, doctors, orderlies and his mum all held him still while the blood was taken. Michael hated it. He really hated it.

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Kylie’s Trichotillomania 

Video Self Modelling Story

Once upon a time during a Covid lockdown, Kylie found a way to stop pulling out her own hair.


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Seatbelt 1.jpg
VSM Story - Time
Matt - Travelling in the Car


Once upon a time, a few weeks ago, there was a young man called Matt.


Matt was a strapping lad with 24 years of life, and a few challenges along the way. He lives with both autism and cognitive challenges. Matt also has friends, attends an adult support service, and enjoys being with his community.

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