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Self-care for the carer….

It’s winter.! 

Time to get cosy, rug up and make soup. 

Self-care is one of my highest priorities, and even more so this winter.

This winter has started with my mother having a simple car accident that has totalled her car, had her license taken away and left her hearing damaged from the airbags. This has plummeted my siblings and I into Carer mode. With the loss of her independence, we are her link to the world, her shopping, her medical appointments and most importantly her connection to community, loved ones and social life. 


Self-care is SO important when we are caring for another. Menopause is sending me into crazy sleep patterns, and I can feel my body calling out for deep rest and nurturing. This means there is enough spare energy and love to flow into caring for my mother, without going into burnt out or overwhelm. So, next week I am tuning out and leaving it all behind for a week while I cocoon myself in a forest cabin with my beloved. 


My life and work is more and more evolving to bring together my loves of VSM, Hope and Yoga.  


VSM for a 40-year-old who is Deaf has an ID and Autism???

I was asked this week if VSM could work for a man with hearing loss and Autism in his 40s. 

Early on in my VSM journey I trained teachers of the Deaf to use VSM, and the results were amazing. VSM is a visual tool to explicitly teach skills and behaviours. People with hearing impairment rely on visual cues for their communication and learning. This makes VSM a suitable intervention to try out. 

I am excited to begin a new journey with this man and his team. I will keep you posted on how it goes. 

I deeply believe it is NEVER TOO LATE to try new interventions and strategies. VSM is a strategy of HOPE and POSSIBILITY and well…. We all need that.

Please email me at if you want to talk about working with older learners with VSM. I am available for parent/carer coaching and being on Care Teams.



Yoga for Menopause


I am running my first Yoga for Menopause class at Warburton Wellspring at their Open Day in June. This will be followed by workshops on July 22 and September 2nd. Details to come. 

There are lots of FREE classes and sessions all day on June 10th if a day trip out to Warburton is calling you. For more information and to register simply follow click here.




This is a self-paced online course for parents/carers to learn to do VSM themselves. We have had such wonderful success from those who have taken it on.

If technology is your challenge, please know I will guide you through the whole process and you will feel confident and hopeful about what is possible by the end of the course.

It will take you about 1 hour a week for 3 weeks to complete the course. 


NDIS- Parent Capacity Building funds can cover the cost of it. ($59)

Here is a link to learn more if you are curious. 



Much Love



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