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VSM for Professionals and Parent Coaching

Dear VSM Friends,


I hope you are as happy as I am that Autumn is here. I’m a winter lover, and so Autumn signals for me the yummy sliding into cooler weather, warm fires, soup, boots and beanies. All my favourite things.


I have set myself an intention this year to learn a new dance every week. That might be going to a live lesson or grooving at home alone to a YouTube Bollywood or Belly dancing tutorial. I do have a lot of fun at home by myself.


My absolute favourite is Swing Dancing, which I have been doing for over 10 years, and still hanging out in the Beginners lessons. Last night though I went to a Rock- n- Roll class. What fun!.. I felt like Joanie from Happy Days. What I really loved was that this class was mostly people aged over 60, who were having great fun connecting to community, learning new skills, and keeping their bodies and brains working. 


VSM News for Professionals

VSM Easy-Peasy Basics Online Course will be running this term on March 28th and April 4th. This is a 2 part training with each session running from 3.30pm- 5pm.

For more information click here.

Enrolments are open, to register click here.


Parent Coaching

I am excited to be offering Parent Coaching 1:1 sessions this year.


This is a 1 hour Zoom session with me, for parents / carers who want specialized support with their child or teen with complex behaviours. Some parents have a series of sessions with me and then come back again if they need support. Other parents have regular sessions with me every week, fortnight, or month, to stay connected and work through the complex behaviours and challenges that come up for them.


In these sessions we will work through your child’s behaviours of concern and together find ways to address the challenges you are facing. I will support you to work with VSM yourself and find ways to bring out your child’s greatest possibility.


These sessions can be paid for through your NDIS within Parent Capacity Building or Consultations.


This quote is from a mother in my research talking about the impact of having a regular coaching session with me about her child and her parenting, when she feels alone and isolated and things get hard.


“I think anybody with a non-verbal child, when there's a new behaviour and we don’t understand where that came from… just to bounce that off somebody else, and to be able to speak to somebody with knowledge and expertise. There's no one to ask these things. I don't know else anyone I can ask.”


Watch the video below to learn more.

Please email me at for a free 30 minute call to see if this is suitable for you. 


Much love and HOPE 



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