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Do you believe CHANGE is possible?

Dear VSM Friends,


I have been reading this week about the theories of HOPE and change for my research. It seems that one of the major factors in change is the actual belief that it is POSSIBLE. We need to be able to imagine a better future if we are going to take action towards changing what is currently going on.


This is SO related to VSM and why it works.


This works in 2 ways, for both US the VSM maker, and for the child or VSM receiver, (who I will refer to as my Tricky Friend).


As the maker we must first believe that it is even possible for our Tricky Friend to learn new things, grow and change. It’s SO common to hear people resist trying a new intervention or strategy with comments like, “No, that won’t work, we tried it last year..” or “No, that won’t work, he won’t watch it.”

This LIMITED thinking is dangerous and keeps our Tricky Friend stuck or living with barriers that could be removed. We DON’T know what is possible. 


The MAGIC of VSM is that it SHOWS our Tricky Friend that there is another way to be, that there are choices and that we believe they are capable of learning, growing, and flourishing. It can give someone a new option that they didn’t know was even possible.


This is a strategy of HOPE and POSSIBILITY. It starts with us. 


VSM EASY-PEASY - Professionals Training


VSM Easy-Peasy will be running this term on March 28th and April 4th. This is a 2 part training with each session running from 3.30pm- 5pm.


Recordings will be available to those who can’t make it live.

In this training you will learn about:

  • VSM History and Research

  • VSM true stories of amazing rapid learning from my own

    teaching experiences

  • Ways to work with tricky behaviour including, toileting,

    communication challenges, personal space, self-harm,

    living skills and so much more…

  • Rules of VSM and how to plan a video 

  • Using editing apps to create VSMs on your phone or iPad.

I promise you that by the end of the training you WILL be able to make VSM’s yourself, AND you will feel inspired with HOPE to bring amazing change to the life of your Tricky Friend in your classroom or client list. 


Here is a sample of a VSM made to teach a child to communicate YES and use her AAC device.


'Vivienne says YES!'


Please click on this link for more info and to enrol.


VSM For Parents And Carers


I am excited this coming week to again be running my FREE VSM@HOME Club for Parents and carers who believe change is possible and want to connect to other HOPEFUL parents.

Please join us Wednesday 15th March 8pm -9pm


Click on this link to register to and receive the Zoom login code.


VSM@HOME Online Course For Parents


This fabulous online course is only $59 at the moment. You can use NDIS to pay for it and if you need more support, come along to our FREE sessions every 2 weeks, or sign up for some Parenting Coaching sessions.

Click on this link for more information.


Much love and HOPE for happy kids and cheery proud parents.


Anthea Naylor

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