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VSM Easy-Peasy Basics

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VSM Easy-Peasy Basics 

About the Course

By the end of this self paced online course you will feel confident to go out and make amazing VSM videos to transform and support your students and clients. I am also confident that you will feel a strong sense of HOPE and POSSIBILITY for how you work with your tricky students and clients.

The course consists of short mini lectures, examples of VSMs and downloadable resources.

There are 2 Parts to the course:

Part A is all about VSM, the history, research and theories that support it. You will learn exactly what
VSM is and what it is not. I will share details and examples of my own journey and discoveries about
ways that VSM has supported and transformed my students and clients over the past 10 years.

In Part B you will learn how to do create VSM yourself. We guide you through planning a VSM, how
to Task Analyse, create a storyboard and use iMovie to edit your videos.

Who is this course for?

Teachers, Educational support staff, teaching assistants, allied health and therapy professionals, support workers, or tutors.

VSM Intervention Skillset

You will learn all the basics of making powerful VSM’s. We will look at the history, the theories, and research behind it, see real samples of true stories, learn about task analysis, storyboarding, video making, editing, and how to use Video Self Modelling to rapidly change behaviours.


Because you believe that your work can make a real difference. Perhaps you work with tricky kids and are looking for new ways, have heard of Video Self Modellings possibility, and want to be able to bring it to your kids.


The course price is $150 AU and TAX DEDUCTIBLE for professionals in Australia.


Can I use my NDIS plan to pay for it?

If you have a Plan Managed fund or a Self-Managed fund you can apply to pay for the course through:

Capacity Building - Training For Careers/Parents

Line number - 15_038_0117_1_3

Or any other relevant codes.

We suggest discussing with your NDIS representative prior to purchasing VSM@HOME to understand your eligibility and the reimbursement process through NDIS. 

Who's this course for?

Any parent/carer of a child aged between 4 - adult who has tricky behaviours.

It is also for a those with HOPE that things can improve and who are ready to empower themselves as parents/carers to make it happen.

Who's a Tricky Child?

Your child either goes to a Special School or needs significant support at their school to learn.

You have an NDIS plan or require supported care?

Perhaps they have Autism, an ID, significant communication, behavioural or sensory needs that really make life hard sometimes.

What can I use VSM to teach?

I have seen VSM teach skills from sleeping, toileting, self-care, social skills, getting dressed, communicating, use AAC, eating different food, sitting at the table, play skills, sharing, waiting, asking for help, speaking, walking, ride a bike, cook, have a shower, brush their teeth, feed themselves.

And this is just the beginning!

It is safe?

Video Self Modelling is an evidence-based practice which means there is loads of research to show that it works and it's safe.

It's used in many schools and teachers at University now learn how to do it. Many OT's and Speech Therapists use it too.

And now it's your turn to learn VSM too.​

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