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Community and Isolation

Hello VSM Friends,


I am excited because I have finally acted on a desire to gather friends in my home, share a meal and have wonderful, inspiring conversations about HOPE and our lives. I’m calling it a HOPE Circle.


Last night I gathered 5 safe, close friends to launch this idea with me and support me to build my community of positive, creative, and HOPEFUL humans. I’ve been having singing lessons for a year now but have never sung alone in front of a group. It’s a terrifying thought..


However, last night I took the brave leap and sang a short song to them. It was SO awesome to go beyond my edges of what I do and step into how I want to share myself. That’s my bold act for the week.


Community and Isolation


Do you sometimes feel isolated and alone in your parenting of a Tricky Child?


We are building a community of parents /carers who want to work with VSM in their home. I have become very aware of how isolating it can be to be parenting a child or teen with complex needs.


One mum from my Doctorate Research said to me recently when I asked her what she might need to continue doing VSM work with her child…


“wouldn't it be great if you found other mother mums who are actually applying this stuff and you bounced off of each other.. and sharing the great news of developments and improvements. Maybe there's not enough of that... where we're speaking positive of our child and their successes. The successes we’ve had..”


I love this mum’s desire to find others who are using VSM or want to find positive ways to bring new possibilities alive for their children.


This really made me appreciate how important it is to celebrate what’s working and the little wins along the way. We can get stuck feeling like nothing is changing, things are getting worse or there is no possibility of change. Conversations with school and therapy teams can overly focus around the challenges, without acknowledging and building on the wins.


VSM@Home Club

I am excited to invite you to join me this coming Wednesday March 1st at 8pm-9pm for a FREE drop in session for Parents / Carers.


This VSM@Home Club will run every 2 weeks and is a chance to meet other parents also working with VSM for their Tricky Kids. You can bring questions to the group, share your amazing success stories, or just listen and get inspired by what others are doing at home with their children.

VSM_HOME Club Video Image.jpg

Please share this and invite any parents you might know who could benefit from connecting with others who are committed to their child’s best possibility and taking action themselves.


No previous VSM knowledge required. Just an open heart, willingness to learn and desire to connect to others.

Much love,


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