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Hello VSM Friends

I am excited to actually be writing to you, because it is something I have been avoiding for WAY too long now.


You see I find this scary, to share my work and my passion for VSM. I worry that I will sound fluffy, or silly or boring.. etc etc etc…you know, all the self-doubt wobbles that catch us. 


I am committing to a weekly newsletter/ blog this year, because it is time to take this work seriously and stop hiding behind being too busy. It is time to give this work the love and attention it needs to grow and reach the people who are looking for it. You see this VSM thing has worked its way into my heart. I love this work. I love the hope and transformation that I see happening when I share it.


I want to tell you about my Doctorate, and what has been inspiring me lately.

I am now halfway through my research. I have worked with 5 amazing mums who have teenage children with autism. Together we have explored VSM and these mums have created their own VSM’s that have had incredible effects on their child’s behaviour and happiness. I will share more details and tell their stories of transformation and HOPE over time. 


Something else that has got me excited lately is a calling to return to Yoga Teaching. I trained 15 years ago but have not taught for 5 years. I love Yoga. It is my core wellness and spiritual practice, and has been an active part of my life for nearly 30 years now. I began with a Jane Fonda Yoga video from the library… that really makes me giggle. How funny! 

So next month I will be retraining and doing a Yoga Teacher course on Menopause Yoga. Yoga for women who want wellness and to flourish through all stages of Menopause. I’m super excited, and not sure what I will do with it, but it is calling me.


VSM Offerings

I have decided to re-release my VSM@Home course and  Parenting support work this year. It needed a pause while I worked with my Doctorate mums, but now is time to bring it back. 


There are 3 ways you can access this work.

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VSM@Home Club

This is a FREE 1 hour group chat on Zoom happening every 2 weeks for anyone who has done some VSM training and wants to stay in touch, ask questions, share successes or challenges. This is about supporting each other and connecting to others who also love the possibility that VSM brings for our children. This is about building confidence and learning from each other to be positive, hopeful, powerful parents. Click this link for more information. 


VSM@Home online course

Yes, she’s back. This short course is for parents and carers who are ready to learn VSM and take it on themselves to bring out their child’s happiest potential.You can use NDIS Parent Capacity Building funds to pay for it and it will give you what you need to know how to be a VSM super parent. Click this link for more information.  


Parent Coaching

My new offering this year is to work 1:1 with parents / carers as a Parenting Coach. This is an opportunity to really work through your child’s tricky behaviours to understand what is going on for them. I will support you to be able to create VSM’s, manage complex behaviours and find your way through the complex world of a family with a child with a disability. This is about SO much more than VSM. It’s about HOPE and empowerment, self-care and wellbeing and it’s about bringing out your child’s happiest self.


Email me if you want a FREE 30 minute Discovery call, to see if this could work for you at This can be paid for with your NDIS under Parent Capacity Building. Click this link for more information. 


Much Love and HOPE for happier children.




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