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I am excited to begin sharing with you a new series of VSM Story Time called VSM@School.


In this series of short videos, we will hear from teachers how they have successfully used VSM across the curriculum to support their students.


We begin with the stories of Fred, a primary school teacher in Melbourne who shares his creative ways of applying VSM withing his school.


Please contact me if you have a story of VSM FABULOUSNESS that you would like to share.

VSM Easy Peasy basic 3-hour training


The next VSM Easy Peasy online 3 hour course will be running on Thursday 19th May at 7am- 10am. It is early in the morning to accommodate some of our VSM friends in Illinois USA who recently attended a conference where I shared my VSM story.


Please join us, simply click here to read more about the course and register.



News of my Doctorate


And in other news I have just submitted my Ethics application to the University of Melbourne for my Doctorate research. That means that by mid-year I will be looking for participants to learn VSM with me. I will be seeking parents/ caregivers of teens with an ID and complex communication needs who would like to train for FREE with me, 1:1 to do VSM themselves within their home.


Please let me know if you might know of anyone interested.

If you have a story to share, I would LOVE to hear from you.



Much Love,


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