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Getting real and HOPEFUL  about Menopause and Mothering

Hello VSM friends,

A week ago I completed my Yoga for Menopause teacher training. I am blown away at the amount of scientific evidence out there now to support the benefits of ancient yoga practices such as gentle movement, breath work and stress reduction. 

I’m also amazed at how much about Menopause I did not know. And I thought I was pretty up to speed on it all.

My plan is to run Yoga for Menopause workshops that will include information supported by science, yoga practices to support various aspects of menopause symptoms and then a sharing, conversation circle.


Themes might include anxiety, sleep issues, hot flushes and hot emotions, pelvic care, strong muscles and bone, or grief, anger and sadness that can surface during this transition time. All of this can be supported with knowledge and yoga practices. 


Please email me if you are interested to know more.

I think there will be monthly live sessions in Melbourne, and then monthly online sessions for anyone else. 

I will keep you updated when something takes form. 


Those of us also mothering through this time know too well the icky emotions and frustration of exhaustion, anxiety and uncertainty. And how Sh#t it feels to when we take that out on our beloveds. 


And those tricky kids of ours just don’t get it. Nor should they. This is OUR menopause journey, and so I am feeling passionate to begin offering information, support and community to other women navigating this time with me. 


Here are the beautiful Menopause Yoga women I trained with. It was such a joy to be surrounded by women HAPPY to be in menopause and taking HOPEFUL action to make it easier and even wonderful!


Much love





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