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Change is POSSIBLE. It is never too late


Hello friends,


My life is expanding and changing rapidly with my recent decision to leave my little city apartment and begin a new life in rural Victoria, with my partner, out near Castlemaine. I am moving gently through the process of change, letting go of the known and leaping into this shared dream.

I headed into the city 6 years ago after a major life upheaval leading to every aspect of my life going through change and collapse. My city life was always going to be my time to rebuild my life, establish a new career, heal my tender heart, and work out what was my next chapter.


And so now it is time to move on. With a beautiful new relationship, exciting and treasured career at University of Melbourne and a Doctorate in VSM well underway, I am ready to return to land, country life and dirt under my fingernails from vegetable gardening.


More VSM Toileting successes

I was so delighted yesterday while in a Care Team Meeting for a young man with profound communication challenges that I support, to hear that at age 23 has twice in recent weeks successfully communicated his need to use the toilet with full success. 


We have established a monthly VSM Support Team that includes myself, his Speechy, Behaviour specialist and 2 key support workers. Each month we meet to discuss his successes and challenges and then plan the next VSM that will be made for him. His support workers have trained in VSM and do all the VSMing after the meeting.


It is amazing what can be achieved when a team works well together with a focused goal and intense belief that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.


I love this work and would be so happy to talk about establishing a VSM support team for anyone wanting to try a new approach to multi-disciplinary work with clients with complex needs.


Please email me


Yoga to support the nervous system in changing times

With so much change in my life again, I am finding myself needing to support my nervous system more than ever. 


For me that looks like regular, daily scheduled times to relax and reset my stress levels.


I love YOGA NIDRA. This is a guided, short deep relaxation that is an amazing energy reset. Research says that 1 hour of Yoga Nidra can equate to up to 3 hours sleep, in terms of relaxing the brain and restoring energy.


At about 2-3pm I feel myself craving sweets and a drop in concentration. This is my cue for Yoga Nidra. I pop on Insight Timer (Free APP) and select a 20-minute session to listen to. It is truly amazing how good I feel after, ready to get back to an afternoon of work.


You can find FREE Yoga Nidra’s on YouTube or get the Insight Timer App.




This is a self-paced online course for parents/carers to learn to do VSM themselves. We have had such wonderful success with those who have taken it on.


If technology is your challenge, please know I will guide you through the whole process and you will feel confident and hopeful about what is possible by the end of the course.

It will take you about 1 hour a week for 3 weeks to complete the course.


NDIS- Parent Capacity Building funds can cover the cost of it.

Here is a link to learn more if you are curious.


Much Love and HOPE




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