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Overwhelming or Beautifully Busy..??


I am asking myself this question a lot at the moment, is it too much or is it that I am Beautifully Busy?


When I switch my thinking to “Beautifully Busy” I suddenly remember that all this busyness and flurry of activity is exactly what I want and where I want to be right now, as I put my home on the market and begin the search for my new nesting place. On top of that I have a vulnerable aging mother I am giving much of my time and my love to, as well as my full-time job and my Doctorate. All of it is so rich and meaningful to me, yet challenging!


Overwhelm is an interesting feeling to watch as it creeps in. When I can catch it rolling in, I can step back and look at the big picture and ask myself, which part of me is feeling the overwhelm? How can I settle that part of me and take care of the fears that have arisen, and continue walking down the path I have chosen?


Selling my home, contemplating starting again in a new community, sitting comfortably in the unknown of it all is full of opportunities and it is easy to fall into overwhelm and get stuck shaking in my boots.


By switching my thinking to “Beautifully Busy” this allows me to find gratitude in it all, to remember I am choosing this, this is a path to my dream life and to feel the HOPE and POSSIBILITY of it all, rather than the overwhelm.


VSM News


I was invited this week to speak about my Doctoral Research at the upcoming AASE (Australian Association of Special Education) Conference in Adelaide. My first reaction was OVERWHELM! No, this is too much right now, I’ve got too much on... blah blah.


Then my “Beautifully Busy” mindset kicked in and I saw it for the beautiful invitation and opportunity it is. This will be the first time I will officially speak of and share my research findings which is both exciting and terrifying.


SO, I put on my Big Girl Pants, said YES to being “Beautifully Busy” and booked my trip to Adelaide.

Here is a link to the conference if you are interested. I am excited to see that Inclusive education practices are taking a prominent position in this conference.


VSM Easy Peasy


VSM Easy Peasy has been converted into a self-paced online course for professionals who want to know all about VSM, how to do it, what to do, why we do it and who we can use it with.


It will take about 3 hours to work through. I promise you it will set you up to be an awesome VSM maker and creator of HOPE and POSSIBILITY.

I am also available to come to your school or setting or centre and deliver this training to a group.

Here is a link to find out more.


Much Love and HOPE




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