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Video Self Modelling

Video Self Modelling (VSM) involves creating a short video using simple videoing and editing techniques. The video shows the subject performing a skill that is just out of reach for them, but potentially reachable. Through viewing this video the skill is rapidly learnt. 

Video Self Modelling (VSM) is an emerging, evidence-based intervention. 

Research by Dr Peter Dowrick (University of Auckland) has shown that VSM can be a successful intervention in greater than 80% of cases with only 12 minutes of intervention time.

VSM research commenced in the 1970's, however it is only now emerging as a very practical, effective and accessible tool to teach children and adults with special needs. With videoing and editing technology available in everybody's pockets via smart devices, VSM has potential to find its place as an accessible, positive tool to improve the lives of people living with special needs.

In addition, Video Peer Modelling (VPM) videos are showing peers performing a positively framed skill, which instigates a change in a group’s behaviour. This can also be extended to entire school cohorts, and has been evidentially successful across schooling systems in Victoria.
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