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Passionate and Engaging

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with Anthea Naylor in a classroom setting and have seen first-hand the remarkable results that she has achieved with her students using VSM . Through Anthea’s passion and belief that all people have the ability to learn, she has developed a highly successful teaching method that is incredibly engaging and user friendly for both staff and students.

Jo Davis

Disability Service Coordinator/ Parent

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Authentic and Enthusiastic

I cannot express the buzz around this place after yesterday.  I had many, many staff say to me that it was the best professional development that had EVER attended, and this was some from very experienced and long-standing teachers – high praise indeed!

Feedback was resoundingly positive, in particular that it was our students that you were talking about;  that you are an ‘on the ground’ special ed practitioner, and that it was delivered in a real way, authentically and enthusiastically. And as for the content – it was just SO EXCITING & INSPIRING!

Anne Martin

Former Principal - Suneden School South Australia

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Creative & Efficient

It is wonderful when practice intersects with research and that is what is happening in Victoria Australia. Anthea Naylor is using self-modeling in creative and effective ways. The first is making videos of individual children performing slightly beyond their present levels. This is the classic form of VSM we usually see in research. A behavior is selected and the teachers, parents, and therapists decide on the way to capture footage to make it appear that children are acting in an advanced way (having them role play, imitate, or using "creative" editing). She's used it for language, socialization, and even physical challenges. Anthea also uses VSM for priming in her classroom. During transitions a short video is played of appropriate behavior and the activity in the next class making transitions go much more smoothly.

Tom Buggey

VSM Lead Researcher - Tennessee USA




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